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Welcome to the Janis Ian Store!

Janis will be releasing her last solo studio album, The Light At The End Of The Line, on January 21, 2022. Special bundles are now available for pre-order. Consisting of twelve newly-recorded tracks, among the participants are Diane Schuur, Vince Gill, John Cowan, Andrea Zonn, Randy Leago, Jim Agee, and Viktor Krauss. For a bit more about the album and ordering information, check her blog or visit the The Light At The End Of The Line page. The first two singles, “I’m Still Standing” and “Resist” are available for purchase now.

Due to the health crisis, all fulfillment and shipping is being done by Janis and Pat. Orders will go out at least once a week, more if we can do it. Please note that within the US, first class can take up to two weeks and Priority Mail up to 10 business days. We've noticed that overseas shipments are taking up to eight weeks to arrive. Please check Shipping & FAQ for more information. 

Please note that Janis does not sign items unless that is offered on the item page! If you request personalization or signature for other items, they will not be signed and will be shipped to you anyway. You must put personalization requests for items offering it in the correct place; please follow the instructions on that page. Thank you for understanding. 

Please make sure to check our shipping page for information on customer care, shipping, and other important stuff. Visit janisian.com for Tour Dates, Bio, Lyrics, Articles, Photos and much more.

The Janis Ian Website and its Shopify Store (“The Site”) does not discriminate in its sales on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex or gender, sexual orientation, disability, age, or any other characteristic protected under law.  However, The Site reserves the right to cancel orders and return any funds submitted on those orders for any other reason as determined by The Site. 

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