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Between the Lines and Light at the End of the Line CD bundle

NEW Between The Lines & "Light" CD BundleGrammy Award Winner


This brand new re-created Between the Lines CD is ONLY AVAILABLE HERE, or at our signed items store! 

This bundle cntains Janis' final studio album, The Light at the End of the Line, and the re-created Between the Lines. See below for more information!

Between the Lines was the second CD to be released by CBS Records. Back in 1983, it was a brand new format; companies didn't want to invest much money in case it failed. They didn't worry about artwork, they left out inserts, lyrics and credits, and they never re-mastered. Well, times changed. We learned how to re-master for best CD quality, we learned how to recreate artwork so the smaller format still looked good - but Between the Lines never got fixed. Instead, it languished, with the artwork deteriorating, no insert, and fans complaining . 

Janis began re-mastering projects with her old catalogue about two decades ago, but this is the first time she's been able to completely re-create the original vinyl as a CD. Updated art reflects correct coloring, with complete insert, and the entire album re-mastered from original analogue sources, a six month process overseen by Janis, the late Brooks Arthur (original producer and engineer on this project), and Steve Berkowitz  (multiple Grammy-winner for his work with Miles Davis and Bob Dylan). By special arrangement with Sony Legacy US, we are able to offer this only on Janis' website. That's correct; it is only available here.

We've bundled it with The Light at the End of the Line because these two Grammy nominees represent a good portion of the arc of Janis' career - her first huge album, and her last.

One Between The Lines CD (nominated for 5 Grammy Awards; winner of two)
One The Light at the End of the Line CD (currently nominated for the 2023 Grammy Awards' "Best Folk Album 2022")

Sorry! These can not be signed. For signed items, including vinyl, please visit the new Janis Ian "All Things Signed" website.


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