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Shipping & FAQ

Thank you for checking this page! We are committed to providing the best possible online shopping experience for our customers. Please contact merch@janisian.com if you experience any problems. We try to answer all queries within 48 hours but we only work weekends during sales.

We do not rent, sell, or lease your information. Period.

Shipping basics

We ship orders twice a week; during sale events we ship every weekday. US orders going first class or priority mail should arrive within ten business days. UPS Ground can take up to five business days. We use priority mail with tracking for US and international when feasible. 

We reserve the right to change shipping methods if we feel another method is safer or more economical. There will be no additional charge to you, our customer! Any remaining funds will be donated to The Pearl Foundation.

Ordering and payment information

Please make sure to keep a copy of your order! 

We're sorry, but we cannot make changes order once the order is placed. We also can't add more charges to your payment method; this is for your protection.

Payment methods: If you pay with Paypal, the entire sum (including shipping) will deposit directly into the Pearl Foundation Paypal account. If you pay by credit card, it may be charged to Revenge Touring, Janis' touring/merchandise company. Please don't panic; it all winds up in the right place. 

If you are unable to order a specific item, we are out of stock and we apologize!


Please contact merch@janisian.com if you experience any difficulties with your order; we are a very small organization, but we do try to answer all emails within 24 hours. Emails received after business hours will be answered the next business day.

If you do not receive your order in a timely manner, please contact us immediately. We will do everything we can to rectify any problems, but we cannot be responsible if too much time goes by. (USPS maximum estimates until delivery: domestic 2 weeks, international 4 weeks. USPS packages to the UK, Australia, and SE Asia can take up to six weeks, especially during the holiday season. Nevertheless, please contact us within four weeks if you have not received your goods.)


Of course, we don't want you stuck with a defective item! If you wish to return an item let us know within two weeks of receipt or four weeks from date of order by emailing merch@janisian.com . We will replace the defective item at our cost, including shipping. We may ask you to send it back so we can show it to the manufacturer; in that event we will provide shipping label, or add a small gift to your order in return for the postage money you spend. * A jewel case broken in shipping is not considered a defective item, provided the item still plays fine.

Packages returned to us because of an incorrect address will be held, and the purchaser notified via email. In that event purchaser will have to pay for shipping again. We will hold returned packages for 60 days, after which the item will be returned to general stock.

We cannot accept returns of digital orders.

Autographing is not currently possible, sorry. If you request an autograph it will not be done. We apologize.

Shipping & customs costs 

Please remember that we have no control over postal rates. We also have to pay for merchandise creation and storage, envelopes, mailing labels, tape and tape guns, bubble wrap, packing envelopes, and dog food. For international orders, we have to fill out customs forms. Lots of them. Four, to be exact. And then shlep to the post office and UPS, wait in line, hand over the items, and track them to make sure you received everything. We know it's not your problem, but there you have it.

* Overseas customers please note: At times, a country's customs forms will allow us to state the manufacturing cost of your items. (For instance, if a CD costs $14.95, we are permitted to say the manufacturing cost was $2.50 and put that on the form.) This is not true of all countries or even all cities within certain countries. We don't know why, but occasionally we are forced to use auto-generated customs forms that list your items at retail cost. We apologize for this but cannot do anything about it. We suggest that, if you feel the customs tariff is too high, you argue with your local postmaster that you should have been charged for manufacturing cost rather than retail.

Help us out here!

We began using a Shopify sales site on October 15, 2016. It's still very new. If you notice something that doesn't work, or think a charge is incorrect, please don't hesitate to contact us at merch@janisian.com - we'd really appreciate it!