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Janis Ian

Visit the Viewing Room on the official Janis Ian website to watch clips from various DVDs, including a lecture Janis gave at Berklee College in April 2010.

A note re DVD's: ours are coded zero, which means playable in all countries. However, unlike CD's, DVD's themselves are not standardized. This means that sometimes, a DVD will play in one type of player (eg Sony), and not another (eg Toshiba.) This is not our fault, nor is it yours, and it's a royal pain! If your DVD will not play in your player, please try it in a computer before writing to us about it. If it plays in the computer, alas, the fault is in the player. We will, of course, still accept it as returned and send you something else in its place!

* If a DVD is an import, a limited edition, or "home-grown", it will not be shrink-wrapped.