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Wherever Good Dreams Go - Digital Download

Wherever Good Dreams Go - Digital Download


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From the brand new Janis Ian album, The Light At The End Of The Line.

The Light at the End of the Line is available in the following formats:
Limited Tour Bundle
Hi-Resolution FLAC files
CD quality FLAC files
high quality MP3 files

The Light at the End of the Line digital songbook is also available.

Sheet music for all songs is available.


Paint the walls in fairy tales
A ceiling full of stars
Mobiles hung in gay displays
above the cradle bars
Sometimes I think I hear
your laughter through the door
Then I remember
what I won’t hear any more

Do you see me down here?
Talking to the empty air?
In my memories of you,
I’m just a little closer to
wherever good dreams go up there

I was once the only one
to brush away your tears
If ever you are lonely,
I will always be right here
and if you need me,
you can wish upon a star
‘cause I will always hear
your prayers in my heart


I wonder where you are tonight
are you warm, and tucked in tight?
And do you ever visit me,
in your memory?

People think I’m crazy
to be holding on so long
but how can I get over you
when you’re not really gone?


Words & music by Janis Ian, © Desperation Publishing (BMI)
All rights reserved; international copyright secured. Used by permission.

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