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Read Before Downloading Audio Files

You can now download MP3 files from Janis' catalog right here in our store!

VERY IMPORTANT: You can not download Album Downloads or Song Downloads directly to your phone or tablet! You must download them via a computer and then transfer them to your phone or tablet.

Album downloads are downloaded as a .zip file. This is the best way for us to send you these files. These .zip files contain either MP3 or FLAC files. You must "unzip" the main file to get access to the individual audio files.

We offer two types of FLAC files:

1. "CD Quality" files which are the same quality as CDs: 16bit, 44.1kHz.
2. "Audiophile" files which are even higher quality than CDs: 24bit, 96kHz.

Song downloads are downloaded as high quality MP3 files: 320kbps.

Here's why you can't download these directly to your phone or tablet.

In the case of Album downloads, your phone or tablet just doesn't know what to do with a .zip file. It has no way to "unzip" the main file and beyond that, no way to then add the individual audio files to your iTunes app.

In the case of Song downloads, your phone or tablet has no way to add these individual audio files to your iTunes app.

If you purchase an audio file via iTunes, you are purchasing it from within the iTunes Store app and your phone knows exactly what to do with the file and how to add it to your iTunes app.

Similarly, if you purchase an audio file via Amazon, you must launch the Amazon Music app and find the music you want to download. The Amazon music app knows just what to do with the file and where to store it.

However, when you try to download these kinds of files via a website, like our store, your phone or tablet simply isn't set up to handle the download.

You can certainly *purchase* these files via your phone, but you'll need to use the link we send you to download the files to your computer. Then you can add them to iTunes and synch your phone or your tablet.

Also, please be aware that the "CD Quality" and "Audiophile Quality" downloads we offer are FLAC files. FLAC files are not currently supported directly by iTunes, but can be played by many other audio programs. Additionally, you can easily convert them to MP3, WAV or AIFF files using a variety of programs.

Please feel free to contact the webmaster if you have any questions.