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Unreleased 3: Society's Child <br>- MP3 Digital Download (2001)

Unreleased 3: Society's Child
- MP3 Digital Download (2001)


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Listen to "Forever Blue."

Listen to "Ride Me Like A Wave (Wet Mix)."


  1. Forever Blue
  2. Never Laid A Hand On Your Heart
  3. One Mississippi
  4. Amsterdam
  5. Bayonne Blues
  6. Blood Red Rose
  7. Breeze On Through
  8. Old Photographs
  9. After The Rain
  10. Counting Up The Years
  11. Rate My Music
  12. If We Had Wings
  13. Caleb Brown
  14. Every Love
  15. This Old Town
  16. Heaven Knows
  17. Society's Child (intro)
  18. Society's Child
  19. Wherever Good Dreams Go
  20. Ride Me Like A Wave (wet mix)

The Basics: We began this series as a way to fill in the gap between major-label-release CD's. Since that first effort, put together on a shoe string and a prayer, we've done two more CD's. This is currently the last in the series, and completely out of print.

Inside Scoop: It's my favorite because I had the most time to put it together - 5 months. There's a good mixture of solo and band work here, with songs that have been covered by other artists ("Amsterdam": Joan Baez, "This Old Town": Nanci Griffith) but were never put out by me, songs that were demo'd for projects that never happened ("If We Had Wings," "Never Laid A Hand On Your Heart"), alternate versions of songs the record company wouldn't release ("Ride Me Like A Wave" dance mix [the "wet mix"]), and the like. There's also a live version of "Society's Child," because we've had so many requests for it.

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