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Unreleased 1: Mary's Eyes <br>- MP3 Digital Download (1998)

Unreleased 1: Mary's Eyes
- MP3 Digital Download (1998)


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Listen to "Roses For The Damned."

Listen to "La Cienega Boulevard."


  1. Roses For The Damned
  2. Tune That In
  3. Do Wrong, Do Right
  4. Mary's Eyes
  5. Way Of The Land
  6. Make A Man Of You
  7. Paris In Your Eyes
  8. We Endure
  9. Lone Ranger Days
  10. Forever Young
  11. Unwinding
  12. On The Way To Me
  13. Cosmopolitan Girl
  14. La Cienega Boulevard
  15. Morning Alone After You

The basics: Recorded at various times (1971-1997); created as a special offering for fan club and website members.

The inside scoop: Remember - this was 1998. No iTunes. No high speed. Very little digital world. Most of my fans were not on line; almost none of the overseas fans were. I decided to hold an online holiday sale event. When I posted a bulletin board note asking what the fans would most like to see offered in the saler, heading the list (just before boxer shorts, oddly enough) was a CD of unreleased material. I asked them to send in the songs they wanted to hear, and compiled the album out of their suggestions and a few of my own.

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