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Janis Ian - On the Other Side cover art-Peter Cunningham Photography

On the Other Side

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From Janis: I was on tour when 9/11 happened; suffice to say, the tour was not what we expected. I'd written this song some months before, and as I found myself singing it each night, I wondered why talent is sometimes so frighteningly prescient.

You can read about the experience here

TECH INFO: This is a live television performance from “Reiziger in Muziek” in De Plantage, Amsterdam, recorded straight to mix board. No edits, no EQ. Vocal effects were created using several old Lexicon JamMan rack sampler units triggered by soundman Philip Clark. I sang the first line, he recorded it, then fed it back to me through my in-ear monitors (in Latin), and I used that as a guide track to sing the rest of the parts. No click track involved. Long before Digitech turned the JamMan units into foot pedals, Chet Atkins and I were using Lexicon JamMan rack units to create multi-tracks during their live performances.


They say there was a fire on the night I died
All I am is gone. Still the soul goes on
They tell me I'm a hero on the other side
Oh, but all that I remember is the children were in danger 

          on the other side
          Children laugh and sing
          On the other side
          angels earn their wings
          on the other side 

They say that you were with me when the building fell
Strange to have you near, after all these years
They say I couldn't possibly have done it by myself
Did you see our photograph as it crumbled into ash?

          On the other side
          children laugh and sing
          On the other side
          angels earn their wings
          on the other side
          On the other side

                     And I, who never could believe
                     Never saw the need
                     Wanted just to see your face again
                     With nothing to hold on to
                     Now I've found you…

          On the other side
          Children laugh and sing
          on the other side
          The angels earn their wings
          On the other side
          On the other side
          On the other side

Requiem (live version only; the original recording has much more Latin): 
Ora nobis, nobis pacem
Ora nobis pacem (Let there be peace on earth)
Kyrie (Lord)

Full requiem from god & the fbi version:
Ora pro nobis, in ora pro nobis pacem, Kyrie
(Let there be peace on earth, Lord)
Vocatus atque non vocatus, deus aderit
(Seen and unseen, God is)
Sursum domini, sursum domini
(Lift us, Lord)
In ora kyrie eleison
(On earth, Lord, peace)

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