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Lost Cuts 1 <br>-  MP3 Digital Download (2001)

Lost Cuts 1
- MP3 Digital Download (2001)


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  1. Save Somebody
  2. Nervous
  3. Heart Of A City
  4. On The Other Side (Live)
  5. The Last Great Place

The Basics: Janis wrote "Heart of a City" in the summer of 2001, began singing it in concert, and was immediately inundated with demands that we make it available on CD. What to do? No way we were ready to make a new record! Concurrently, the country was sliding into a recession... Janis liked the idea of everyone being able to afford to take home something from the show, so even though it cost us as much as a "regular" CD to manufacture, we priced it as a "Five bucks for five cuts" item. We picked the 5 current most-requested songs, and included them, then went to town with the cover!

The Inside Scoop: When Janis looked at the songs she'd assembled, she realized it was turning into a homage to NYC and the World Trade Center, where she'd played two weeks before the disaster struck. Hence the cover art. We were all in love with the demo of "Save Somebody," produced by co-writer Jimmy Collins, and it seemed to fit the mood perfectly. And "Last Great Place," which was recorded for a Windham Hill special project that never got released, seemed to sum up everything we felt.

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