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Janis Ian (II) - MP3 or WAV Downloads (1978)

Janis Ian (II) - MP3 or WAV Downloads (1978)


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  1. That Grand Illusion
  2. Some People
  3. Tonight Will Last Forever
  4. Hotels And One-Night Stands
  5. Do You Want To Dance
  6. Silly Habits
  7. The Bridge
  8. My Mama's House
  9. Streetlife Serenaders
  10. I Need To Live Alone Again
  11. Hopper Painting

        The basics: Produced by Joe Wissert; recorded 1977 at The Hit Factory; released 1978 (Columbia).

        Inside scoop: Although this album died a quick death for Janis, other performers went on to record the songs on it; "Silly Habits", by Mel Torme as a duet with Janis, received a Grammy nomination for "Best Jazz duet". On this album Janis began a return to jazz, working with Ron Carter, Richard Davis, and Steve Gadd as her core rhythm section.

        * We refer to this as "Janis Ian II" to differentiate from the original 1966 recording "Janis Ian"
        Listener's comments on this CD: 

        "Does anyone else out there think the song called "That Grand Illusion" from the album "Janis Ian" is brilliant?"

        "I think it is a shame that the 1978 "Janis Ian" album got lost so fast. There is some excellent work on it, and YES, "That Grand Illusion" is brilliant! Right off the top of my head, I also loved "tonight Will Last Forever", "Hotels and One Night Stands", "The Bridge", and "Silly Habits" (really prefer the concert version that is on the Live at the Bottom Line CD)...but my absolute favorite is "My Mama's House". To my ears, Janis seemed a bit inspired or influenced by Billy Joel on this album...or perhaps more to the point, the other way around?!"

        "Yes, Scott I agree with you. "The Bridge" is another one of my favorites from that album. I love Janis' piano playing on that album that I think was unfortunately overlooked and didn't do very well."

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