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Janis Ian - Getting On

Getting On (From the HBO series "Getting On") - Digital Download


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Janis appeared as an actress and singer on Episode 8 of the final season of Getting On, along with Laurie Metcalf, Rita Moreno, Niecy Nash and Alex Borstein. Series is available on HBO-GO!!

Janis was featured, both as a singer/songwriter and an actress, in the final episode of HBO's Getting On, which began its last season on HBO November 8, 2015. The series, which starred Laurie Metcalf, Alex Borstein, and Niecy Nash, featured Janis in the final episode number eight, working with Laura, Alex, Niecy, and Rita Moreno (who had sung Janis' "Days Like These" in the series Oz.)

If you haven't watched the show before, you can catch up to it with HBO GO, and see loads of trailers on line for all three seasons.

Says Janis: "I spent almost two weeks filming and on set with the actors and crew, and had more fun than I've had in years. This is the only time I've been on a set as an actress, and it was completely different. Everyone was incredibly helpful and kind, and I hope I did my years with Stella Adler proud!

"To have the opportunity to work with a true legend, Rita Moreno, let alone hear her singing portions of 'At Seventeen', was more than I would have dreamed possible. To actually be in an episode of a series I admired so much already, to be on set for weeks instead of appearing for two hours to sing a song and then leave... I can't begin to describe what a joy this whole process was.

"I didn't really understand what it meant for the series to end until the night after our first rehearsal day, when Laurie and Alex and I were sitting around a picnic table talking about it. In my world, you know when a tour will end, when an album will be done, when you'll be saying goodbye to everyone. And it's usually well under a year for a project - so I had no understanding of what it meant, after three years together, for the cast and crew to say 'goodbye'.

"It moved me so much that I began scribbling notes for a song on the back of my script. I scribbled during breaks for the next three days, then sang it for Laurie and Alex. With their blessing, I presented the song to the writers, Will Scheffer and Mark Olsen, and the producer, Chrisann Verges. Although it was too late to use in the series, I went ahead and recorded it as a thank you, and a tribute, to the wonderful people I met and worked with there."

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All good things must end
No use to pretend
Though the tears may fall, we will remember
What a race we ran,
walking hand in hand
Every memory is framed in splendor

Holding on
Somehow, we go on
Keep each other strong,
though we’re getting on
No matter when we part
we’re standing heart to heart
Every end’s a start, and then it’s gone
Getting on
Getting on

Look at what we are
Just a shooting star
Now you see us, now you don’t
Then you won’t
But the light still shines
bending space and time
‘Round and ‘round the sky it goes
and no one knows

We’re holding on
Somehow we go on
Keep each other strong
though we’re getting on
No matter when we part,
we are standing heart to heart
Every end’s a start, and then it’s gone
Getting on
Getting on

Written by Janis Ian

© 2015 Rude Girl Pub. (BMI) All rights reserved; international copyright secured.

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