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A Thousand Years - Digital Download

A Thousand Years - Digital Download

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A Thousand Years: Free MP3 download
Vocals, acoustic guitar: Janis Ian
All other instruments, arrangement: Shirley Cason

Sheet music for "A Thousand Years" is also available.

Watch the video by Shirley Cason on YouTube.

A Thousand Years

There is silence on the street tonight
and the cars have all gone home
Every shop has locked its doors up tight
getting ready for the show
And it’s time for me to go

There’s a roaring fire and a rocking chair
and a stocking full of dreams
Every corner’s filled with a joyful air
and the scent of evergreen

We will toast peace on earth
Raise a glass of Christmas cheer
And ask this night to last a thousand years

A thousand years
A thousand years
We will ask this night to last
a thousand years

If the sky belonged to me alone
and my dreams could all come true
I would give to every child a home
like the one I share with you

So let us toast peace on earth
and good fortune everywhere
And ask this night to last a thousand years

I will wrap my heart in a silver bow
And place it in your hands
For your love’s the gift I cherish most
Out of all the gifts I’ve had

Written by Janis Ian & Russ Taff

Words & music by Janis Ian & Russ Taff; © Rude Girl Pub./Tori Taff Music. All rights reserved; international copyright secured.

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