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I'm Still Standing - Sheet Music - 3 Versions

I'm Still Standing - Sheet Music - 3 Versions


A digital copy of the sheet music for "I'm Still Standing" from The Light At The End Of The Line. Your purchase will have all three versions:

1. Piano, vocal in A - this is for people who want to play in a half key higher than the record, an easier key than Ab for many
2. Piano (key of A flat), guitar (in G, have to capo up one fret), vocal - this has the piano part in the album key of A flat, with guitar in G capo-ing up a half step to Ab. For people who want to play along with the record.
3. Piano, guitar, vocal all in G - Easier key for many guitarists, a half key lower than the original recording. 

*Purchasers have permission to print and bind a copy of this sheet music for personal use.

The Light at the End of the Line digital songbook is also available, but it will not have all three versions.

Purchase a downloadable MP3 of "I'm Still Standing."

The Light at the End of the Line is available in the following formats:

Signed Vinyl Edition
Hi-Resolution FLAC files
CD quality FLAC files
high quality MP3 files

This sheet music is delivered in Adobe PDF format. You will need Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat to view it.

If you have any problems with your order please contact us at merch@janisian.com. We'll get things straightened out very quickly.

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