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* From Janis, March 2020: In view of the present crisis, I've decided to offer things we'd normally charge for, in the hope that they'll provide some relief and help sooth people during this troubled time. I'll be trying to update what we offer regularly, as time and circumstances permit. Thank you; stay safe.

In the spirit of the landmark article, "The Internet Debacle", welcome to "controlled sharing"! Anything posted here can be downloaded for personal use. The idea is that you'll like these so much that you eventually make actual purchases or make a donation to the Pearl Foundation. If you'd like to make a donation to the Pearl Foundation as a thank you for any of these free downloads just click on the Tip Jar. 

If your computer wants to play or display these automatically when you click the download link, but you actually want to save them, try "Right click > Save as" instead. Sheet music or chords for things here may be available in the Sheet Music section of the store, or Lyrics With Chords. If it's not in either, it hasn't been created yet, and you can check the note at top for how to facilitate that. Thanks, enjoy!