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Early Christmas Sale A Success!

Janis Ian

Thank You!

The Pearl Foundation sale is over, and I'm enormously pleased to report that we raised a little over $14,000in just a week!

I think (I hope) that means we'll hit the $950,000 mark at the end of the year, and be able to distribute a decent amount to each scholarship we're currently funding.

The new Shopify site appears to be an across-the-board success, both for you and for my team. A few minor glitches went mostly unnoticed. (For instance, we didn't know how to mark something "out of stock" instead of "unavailable", so several people received packages with Breaking Silence a few days later than they thought.)

When we first went up, the morning of the sale, Shopify was automatically sending out notes saying "Thank you, your item has been shipped!" and we were getting confused queries like "Wow. How did you get my order to ship on a Sunday?" Given the amount of things that could have gone wrong with migrating more than 200 items from one site to another, we count ourselves lucky.

Huge kudos go to webmaster Steve Wilkison for the months he spent preparing and transitioning. Kudos also to assistant Shaun Varsos, who spent a week of 12 hour days putting up items, cross checking, and then doing the post office runs. And as always, thanks to my wife Pat, who took care of downloading, checking, and printing each and every order that came in.

We're going to do a small pre-holiday sale (no autographing, sorry, just low prices!), and then, hopefully, go back to the old annual "Christmas in August" as of next year.

Meanwhile, thank you all for the tremendous support!!!



Janis Ian and Pearl

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