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Who Really Cares (paperback) Sold out - digital versions available (see below)

Who Really Cares (paperback) Sold out - digital versions available (see below)


See where it all began. The poetry Janis began writing at age seven is here, along with ideas that became songs. Beautiful presentation by Hawk Publishing, with photos. A vintage edition!

Says Janis: "I can never decide whether to be proud or embarrassed by this book; proud, because the poetry's not bad for a 15-year-old, and the introduction is stellar. Embarrassed, because I was 15 years old. But enough people like it to keep it in print, so there you go. The perfect gift for a literate adolescent, written by a literate adolescent, with enough angst and humor to make fun reading for anyone. And at this price, why not buy two?"

Includes a new poem and 10 previously unpublished poems ("rejected" by the publisher of the original book) and a new introduction and afterword written by Janis.

A cool side note: Johnny Cash kept a copy of the original version in his home library!

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To tempt you into buying this unique collection, we have provided a teaser...you can read some samples of Janis poetry by clicking here!

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