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We Endure download

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From Janis: Similar to when I wrote "Days Like These", "We Endure" was written at a low point in my life. I'd moved to Nashville knowing exactly 14 people, including the ones who disliked me! I'd lost my marriage, my health, and my financial security, all in the space of a couple of years, and at times it felt like it just wasn't worth going on. My earliest years were spent on a farm, and my life seemed to be one long drought. I kept thinking "But I'm just now learning how to live!" This song grew out of that.

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WE ENDURE (Janis Ian)

The fields were fallow, the wells were dry
A mother's sorrow begged an unforgiving sky
and every day another year dragged by
'til it seemed that even God had turned his back
and just like Mother Earth, we soon would crack

But we endured
Though the road only got longer, we endured
and it seemed to make us stronger
Even when the wolves were howling at the door
we endured

Summer sorrows gave way to winter chills
Fever stalked the land 'til it drank its fill
of children sweet as mother's milk
Every night another angel earned its' wings
and it seemed we would not live to face the spring


Our hearts are fragile
Our bodies soon unwind
We've barely learned to live
when we begin to die
When your children ask me
why we're even born
I say - we are but the tail wind of a storm
The thunder echos loudest when it's gone

But we endure
Though the road only got longer, we endure
and I swear it makes us stronger
Even when the wolves are howling at the door
we endure

© 1999 Rude Girl Publishing, admin. Bug Music (BMI); all rights reserved.

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