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Uncle Wonderful - CD (1983) Downloads available

Uncle Wonderful - CD (1983) Downloads available

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  1. Just A Girl
  2. Uncle Wonderful
  3. Why Can't You And I
  4. Trigger Happy Love
  5. Heart Skip Too Many Beats
  6. Body Slave
  7. Hit You With The Guilt
  8. Sniper Of The Heart
  9. This Night
  10. Mechanical Telephone

    The basics: Produced by Janis Ian & Arti Funaro; recorded at Wilder Bros. Studio, Los Angeles, through 1983, released in Australia 1984."Heart Skip" co-written with Dan Hartman. (Festival).

    Inside scoop: After a few years away, Janis missed recording, so she assembled a band in Los Angeles and began recording with her own money. They had a wonderful time, but no US company would touch the album. Janis still considers it "a wonderful album for a musician, but very transitional". Her new manager was convinced age was a big factor in his inability to secure placement for the album; hence the strange cover, where Janis looks younger than she did on Stars!

    Says Janis: "The weird album. People love it or hate it. I really like it, but then again I'm biased."

    Digitally remastered, with complete album artwork.

    Note: Due to this low pricing, we reserve the right to limit purchases during the annual sale to 10 signed & personalized or 5 unsigned copies per order.

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