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"The Works" Life Set - includes <img src="//cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1318/7215/files/grammylogo30.png?v=1475430688" alt="Grammy Award Winner" />

"The Works" Life Set - includes Grammy Award Winner

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Janis didn’t really consider the far-reaching consequences writing an honest autobiography would bring, until fans began saying things like “So did you stay in counseling very long after that?” and interviewers asked “Why can’t we speak with your wife? She seems like the level-headed one in the family.”


Well, done is done, and no more to be done about it except to offer this “Life set.” Once you’ve listened to the CD’s and audiobooks, and read through the paperbacks and liner notes, you’ll probably know more about Janis’ life than she does.


Paperback of Society’s Child: My Autobiography
Audiobook of Society’s Child: My Autobiography (2015 Grammy winner!)
CD set of Best of Janis Ian: The Autobiography Songs
Paperback of Who Really Cares, Janis’ first book (orig. Dial Press 1969; this version Hawk Publishing 2002)
Audiobook of Who Really Cares, with additional comments and some music, recorded by Janis in 2016
Strictly Solo CD, only available as part of special packages like this!

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The Works Life Set

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