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Roadie For A Day!

Roadie For A Day!


Be a crew member! Wear a laminate! Shlep boxes and stuff with us. It's the glamour life!

* We are currently accepting crew help for Janis' Ottawa and Midland dates, but next year there will be availability in areas around Boston, Westbury, and Utah.

Working around your and Janis' schedules, you'll meet up with Janis and her crew for load-in at the venue, when you'll be given crew laminates. You can help carry the gear and merchandise in, check out the dressing rooms, grab some water absolutely free! Then you'll assist in setting the stage (and maybe help Janis change guitar strings). You get to be onstage or in the "house" for sound check, which you can also video or tape. If you play, you can try out one of Janis' Santa Cruz signature models - or just pose like a rock star with it!

In addition, you can hang in the green room (if there is one) and visit/help set up dressing room(s). You'll have dinner with Janis and crew (if served) or backstage snacks together. When doors open, you can help out at the merchandise table before  the show, and help out afterwards while Janis meets and greets. Of course, you can take photos and walk around on stage during sound check! You'll load out with the crew and go home a happy camper!


* Check the front page of Janis' website for current tour dates, and join the RSS feed for up to date information as dates are accepted! 
* Why do we charge you? Believe it or not, this creates a lot of work for the crew, venue, and Janis... 



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