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Night Rains <br>- CD (1979) CDs sold out; downloads available!

Night Rains
- CD (1979) CDs sold out; downloads available!

Sorry, all CD's are sold out but you can purchase CD quality FLAC file downloads and high quality MP3 file downloads here in the Janis Ian store.


  1. The Other Side Of The Sun
  2. Fly Too High
  3. Memories
  4. Night Rains
  5. Here Comes The Night
  6. Day By Day
  7. Have Mercy Love
  8. Lay Low
  9. Photographs
  10. Jenny (Iowa Sunrise) [duet with Chick Corea]
  11. Fly Too High (Bonus Cut! Live with Band!)

The Basics: Produced by Janis Ian & Ron Frangipane; recorded late 1978-early 1979 in New York; released 1979 (Columbia). "Fly Too High", produced by Giorgio Moroder for the Adrian Lyme movie Foxes (Jodie Foster), gave Janis her international career, reaching #1 and going platinum in England, Ireland, Scandinavia, Holland, Belgium, South Africa, Israel, and Australia, as well as going top 20 in the US. The follow-up, "The Other Side of the Sun", reached top ten in England, Ireland, Holland, Belgium, Scandinavia, Israel, and Australia. The album also contains a piano duet with Chick Corea and soundtrack songs from the film The Bell Jar (Julie Harris).

The Inside Scoop: After much argument, the record company finally decided to allow Janis to produce her album and control her budget. She brought in Ron, who'd done the arranging on Between the Lines, and engineer Leanne Unger, who'd worked with her on Miracle Row. She begged for a chance to work with Giorgio, whose work she'd admired, and with Albert Hammond. (The song they wrote together, "The Other Side of the Sun", was also a huge hit throughout South America - in Spanish!) Says Janis, "I felt like for the first time, I was recording the music I heard in my head."

Digitally remastered import album with updated artwork.

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