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Make Pearl An Offer - no, really!

Make Pearl An Offer - no, really!

Yes, make us an offer! We're open to pretty much anything reasonable, because we support The Pearl Foundation!! Also, Janis is currently clearing out her house, which means that in addition to what's in the store, we have more microphones, percussion instruments, picks and capos, music paper, pens, knick knacks... loads and loads of things she won't be taking with her wherever she and Pat end up!
Here's how it works. Think about what you'd like to do with Janis, or something she can do for you. Maybe you'd like a piece of jewelry she no longer wears, or some used guitar strings you can turn into jewelry. Perhaps a used wallet with nothing in it Or a tuft of Gracie Mae's hair. An old scarf., a backstage visit,  We don't care, we just want to raise some money!
Send your offer to judy@janisian.com with details (like what you want, where, when, and what you're willing to spend to make that dream come true.) Janis has given one-on-one guitar lessons, sent a signed copy of her "Mother's Day" article, and let a fan propose to his fiancée on stage during a show, all to benefit the Pearl Foundation! Really, the more creative your idea, the more interested we are especially if the money is good! We're willing to work with you, so please feel free. Chances are you can afford something special, honest! For instance, right now we're putting up a load of small instruments she's used on albums over the years (ratchets, tambourines, slides, harmonicas, shakers, beads, kazoos), though she doesn't remember which album what was used on. You can always check with Judy to see if what you want is still available!

You can visit the Pearl Foundation website and find more information here.

* This excludes items already for sale on the website. We cannot lower the price on something like handwritten lyrics, sorry...

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