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Folk Is The New Black <br>- CD (2006) Sold out, downloads & streaming available

Folk Is The New Black
- CD (2006) Sold out, downloads & streaming available


If you prefer, you can also purchase a digital download or stream by going here, though honestly, we'd rather you purchased from us!


  1. Danger Danger
  2. The Great Divide
  3. Life is Never Wrong
  4. Jackie Skates
  5. All Those Promises
  6. Standing in the Shadows of Love
  7. The Drowning Man
  8. Crocodile Song
  9. The Last Train
  10. My Autobiography
  11. Home is the Heart
  12. Shadows on the Wind
  13. Haven't I Got Eyes
  14. Joy
  15. Folk Is The New Black

The Basics: Produced by Janis Ian. Drums, percussion: Jim Brock; upright bass: Viktor Krauss; organ: Carson Whitsett; all other instruments: Janis Ian; vocals: a cast of friends who can't sing in tune.

The Inside Scoop: 

**** TORONTO STAR: Her first all-original album in 25 years, and a benchmark effort in a career in song that spans more than 40 years, veteran American folk-pop singer-songwriter Janis Ian's Folk Is The New Black is a bona fide jaw-dropper, a stunning achievement that embraces the zeitgeist of the age, rocks at an assured pace, oozes with satiric wit, edgy humour and barely concealed rage, flaunts her disgust of the new republic, of human greed and cruelty with intellectual muscle and a burning imagination, and wrenches the heart. With just bass, drums and a couple of acoustic guitars, Ian has constructed — apparently in a three-day session and live of the studio floor — a rich and complex musical experience, 15 songs whose lucidity and melodic potency define a composer at the peak of her abilities, all rendered in a sweet, quiet voice that urges the listener ever nearer. Both intensely personal and robustly inclusive, Ian's new songs are among the very best she has written — indeed, among the finest in the entire American folk songbook. (Greg Quill)

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