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Bright Lights & Promises (Sarah Partridge sings Janis Ian) Sold out!

Bright Lights & Promises (Sarah Partridge sings Janis Ian) Sold out!

  1. A Quarter Past Heartache (brand new song)
  2. Tattoo
  3. Society's Child
  4. Forever And A Day (brand new song)
  5. Calling Your Name
  6. At Seventeen
  7. Belle Of The Blues
  8. Matthew
  9. Silly Habits
  10. Somebody's Child (brand new song)
  11. Bright Lights & Promises
  12. Orphan Of The Wind
  13. I'm Still Standing

The basics: A brilliant take on Janis' work, seen through the lens of a highly regarded jazz vocalist and her stunning band. Janis' jazz roots go back to her mother's love of Nina Simone, and musicians like Richard Davis and Chick Corea, who've played with her over the years. She even made the cover of Downbeat! Magazine when she was just sixteen years old!

Inside scoop: "Sarah and I met through an online Grammy voters group, and we hit it off. When she approached me about doing an album of my work, I was immediately excited. She's a wonderful singer with impeccable taste in musicians and arrangers. I gave her full access to my catalogue, even though she'd already been through everything she could find - and she grabbed "Forever and a Day", which I'd only done a worktape of recently.
I thought it would be great if we could create a couple of songs written speicifically for her voice and this project, so I invited her down to Nashville (not realizing she'd never done a co-write before). She was very brave to come, and a joy to work with.
I think I'd had the title "Quarter Past Heartache" for a while but never known what to do with it. I only knew I didn't want it to be another "My man left me and I'm so sad" song - so we flipped it around and wound up with something up-tempo and funny, with a scat section to boot. Sarah brought the concept of "Somebody's Child" in with her, and that was gorgeous from the start.
The thing I like best about Sarah is her willingness to listen, and contribute. From the title of this album - which is really what she's done, she's re-defined my work - to the choice of songs (no one else has dared to record "Matthew", or "Tattoo") to the fun we had recording together, (she's really tall, I'm really short. I thought I should have stood on a box, like short leading men in Hollywood do), the project was a pleasure. And that's really, really rare.

From Sarah: "The idea for this project emerged out of a longing to salute a singer/songwriter outside of my own genre. Janis's body of work was extremely interesting to me and I saw and heard some real possibilities for a reimagination of some of her material. Then we started talking... and the whole world opened up. The result is a collection of known, unknown and brand new music. The making of this album has been a joyful and rewarding experience in every way." 

All About Jazz: "She can scat, strut, soar, and tear your heart and soul to shreds without ever breaking a sweat. She's that good, these performances are that memorable, and this album is most certainly one for the ages."

Sidney Zion, New York Daily News: “Partridge is a throwback to those diamond nights in Manhattan bistros when Lee Wylie, Sylvia Syms, Anita O’Day and June Christy ruled till dawn in joints recalled only by guys and dolls mainly forgotten by the gossip columnists.”

Annie Ross, Legendary Jazz Vocalist: “The thing I love about Sarah, apart from how wonderful it is to listen to her, is that she never tries to copy anybody.”

All About Jazz Review: "How did nobody think to go here before? With a glut of fine Joni Mitchell tributes on the market and a couple of engrossing Laura Nyro nods out there, how is it that no creative spirits in the jazz or cabaret camps thought to make the full-on jump to Janis Ian before now? Hearing Sarah Partridge dig into Ian's body of work makes this concept seem like a no-brainer—an incredibly natural fit, in fact—but that may very well have more to do with Partridge's vision and interpretive brilliance than it does with the material penned by the honoree." Read the entire review.

More information at Sarah Partridge's Facebook page.

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