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Janis Ian - Billie's Bones

Billie's Bones - CD (2004) - CDs sold out; downloads available

Sorry but the CDs are sold out! However, you can still purchase an MP3 download or as a CD quality download.
If you prefer, you can also purchase a digital download or stream by going here, though honestly, we'd rather you purchased from us!


  1. Billie's Bones
  2. My Tennessee Hills (feat. Dolly Parton)
  3. Paris In Your Eyes
  4. Marching On Glasgow
  5. I Hear You Sing Again
  6. Forever Young
  7. Matthew
  8. Amsterdam
  9. Dead Men Walking
  10. Save Somebody
  11. Mockingbird
  12. Mary's Eyes
  13. When I Lay Down

The Basics: Produced by Jeff Balding, Janis Ian & Marc Moreau; recorded summer 2003 in Nashville, TN. For extensive details about the creation of this disc, please see The Making of A CD.

Inside Scoop: When Tina Abato and I put together The Making of a CD, we intended it to be a chance for fans to really see how an album is put together, with budgets, timelines, maybe a few rough mixes. Instead, we wound up with a fantastic six week excursion into the heart of record-making, with Dolly Parton letting us use the rehearsal tapes and everyone participating fully! This series is now used in dozens of colleges and universities as course material, which makes me very proud. Coincidentally, this was my absolute "dream band", including Steve Gadd on drums and Richard Davis on bass. It also features my first instrumental, written at the urging of Chet Atkins.

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