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Between The Lines - remaster (1975) new version coming!! <br> <img src="//cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1318/7215/files/grammylogo30.png?v=1475430688" alt="Grammy Award Winner" /> Sold out!

Between The Lines - remaster (1975) new version coming!!
Grammy Award Winner Sold out!

You can download digital copies in certain areas by going here! However, if you wait until around mid-September 2022, we will have a brand-new re-mastered from analog sources, cover art re-created to get as close to the original as possible, fully approved by Janis Ian, Brooks Arthur, and Steve Berkowitz version available here!!!


  1. When The Party's Over
  2. At Seventeen
  3. From Me To You
  4. Bright Lights And Promises
  5. In The Winter
  6. Watercolors
  7. Between The Lines
  8. The Come On
  9. Light A Light
  10. Tea And Sympathy
  11. Lover's Lullabye

The Basics: Produced by Brooks Arthur, recorded at 914 Studios summer 1974, released February 1975 (Columbia). 5 Grammy Grammy Award Winner nominations (most to that date for any solo female artist, a record broken only by Whitney Houston years later) and two Grammys: "Album of the Year - Between the Lines", "Best Pop Vocal Performance, Female - At Seventeen" (Grammy), "Song of the Year - At Seventeen", "Record of the Year - At Seventeen"; "Best Engineered Recording, non-classical - Between the Lines" (Grammy). Platinum in the US, Australia, UK; gold in Holland, Belgium, South Africa, Israel. "At Seventeen" #1 single US; top twenty single UK, Australia, Holland, Israel.

The Inside Scoop: Janis began making more aggressive decisions in the studio, thanks to Brooks' and arranger Ron Frangipane's generosity in teaching her about recording and arranging. In fact, she threw a member of her management team out of the studio during the recording of "At Seventeen" because they kept saying "You're blowing a hit!" She had gone completely broke making Stars and had to move into her mother's New York apartment for six months; she wrote "At 17" sitting at the dining room table, reading a New York Times Magazine article about debutantes that began "I learned the truth at eighteen". She sang it onstage with her eyes closed for a year, because she was convinced the audience would laugh at her.

Janis Ian - Between The Lines

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