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Better Times Will Come - New Zealand's Whitianga Dixieland Band

Better Times Will Come - New Zealand's Whitianga Dixieland Band

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Special arrangement for seven piece band by Yvette Audain
Kevin Robinson – trumpet
Paul Bradley – bass and vocals
Trevor Hildreth – flugabone
Jani Dennis – keyboards
Paul Lee – clarinet
Rob Perks – drums
Len Salt – banjo

From Janis: I will confess that when Len Salt contacted us to say his "Dixieland Jazz Band" was recording my song, I had some doubts. After all, that form is uniquely American, and to think of it coming halfway across the world was... well, interesting! Once I saw the video, I realized how narrow my view had been, and welcomed them with open arms. The Whitianga Dixieland Band are based in Mercury Bay, southeast of Auckland, New Zealand, on the Coromandel Coast. Self-defined as amateur musicians, they're also members of the Mercury Bay Big Band. Most of them are retired, and play purely for the love of music. As we all should! 
By the way, Whitianga is
Māori, and pronounced Fiteee-aanga. 


Better times, better times will come.
Better times, better times will come.
When this world learns to live as one,
oh, better times will come

When we greet each dawn without fear
knowing loved ones soon will be near
When the winds of war
cannot blow any more
Oh, better times will come


Though we live each day as our last
we know someday soon it will pass
We will dance, we will sing
in that never-ending spring
Oh, better times will come



Oh, better times will come

Words & music Janis Ian; © 2020 Janis ian. All rights reserved; used by permission.

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