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Better Times Will Come - Noel Stookey & friends

Better Times Will Come - Noel Stookey & friends

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From Janis: I'm going to chime in here quickly, before everyone runs to these folks' websites to hear their fantastic work, and thank Noel for his patience and persistence. I've known him since I was about 16 and Mary Travers was living next door , coming over to shoot a game of pool once in a while. He and his daughter, Elizabeth Sunde, also run Music to Life, working with all types of musicians to spread joy and social consciousness across the world. Love this and send it to your friends, because music is for everyone!

You can find Noel Stookey on his website , where you'll also find links to his Instagram, Twitter, and other social media and charitable sites!
Maureen McGovern - lead vocal
Paul Sullivan - piano & bass 
Pat Humphries & Sandy Opatow/Emma's Revolution - vocals 
Noel Paul Stookey - guitar and vocal
Eddie Mottau - guitar 
Tom Chapin, BG vocals 
Jess Jessop, BG vocals 
Tom Paxton, BG vocals 

Behind the scenes thanks to Doug Cameron, Michael McInnis, Gary Mankin, Cam Sawzin, Dave Snyder and John Stuart. Additional visuals courtesy Christopher Moss (YouTube) and contributors to Videvo and YouTube


Better times, better times will come.
Better times, better times will come.
When this world learns to live as one,
oh, better times will come

When we greet each dawn without fear
knowing loved ones soon will be near
When the winds of war
cannot blow any more
Oh, better times will come


Though we live each day as our last
we know someday soon it will pass
We will dance, we will sing
in that never-ending spring
Oh, better times will come



Oh, better times will come

Words & music Janis Ian; © 2020 Janis Ian. All rights reserved; used by permission.

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