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Better Times Will Come - JoLayne S. Morneau

Better Times Will Come - JoLayne S. Morneau

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From Janis: I saw JoLayne's video by sheer coincidence on Youtube, and watched her hving a great time playing the blue-est ukelele I've ever seen! (I later discovered it was a birthday gift from her 9-year-old daughter one year. A child of excellent taste.) JoLayne's actual career is saving old buildings, which is very much like being an artist, because our learning curves are always built on older material that gets handed down through the ages. Here's what she had to say about the video:
From JoLayne: "When the world turned upside down in March, I felt as though I was living in a weird, surreal fog wondering when life would show some semblance of normal again. Music played a big role in being something normal. When my partner told me about this project, I was moved by the mere thought that better times will come. I loved learning this song and being able to just sing it with my heart. I have frequently found the tune and the words get stuck in my head. And oh, in the midst of all that our broken world is going through, such a tune and promising words are absolutely welcome to remain stuck in my thoughts."
Nicely done, and thank you!


Better times, better times will come.
Better times, better times will come.
When this world learns to live as one,
oh, better times will come

When we greet each dawn without fear
knowing loved ones soon will be near
When the winds of war
cannot blow any more
Oh, better times will come


Though we live each day as our last
we know someday soon it will pass
We will dance, we will sing
in that never-ending spring
Oh, better times will come



Oh, better times will come

Words & music Janis Ian; © 2020 Janis ian. All rights reserved; used by permission.

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