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Janis' Audio Technica AT40-60 Microphone

Janis' Audio Technica AT40-60 Microphone


From Janis:

I've owned this mic since 2003, when I bought it for vocals and background vocals on the album god & the fbi. I've used it a bunch since; it's a great mic. I've also seen it used a lot by bluegrass groups that do the "gather around the microphone" style of vocals - great high end for that.

MSRP: $1,699

Best price we can find online for this microphone, new, is $1,440.00 at Amazon - this is a great deal! If you can pick it up at Janis' Nashville office, you can save on the shipping. And of course, can be signed and personalized if you prefer.

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Only 1 available!

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The fine print: These are all one of a kind, used by Janis as described with each item. Prices are non-negotiable unless otherwise stated. Please be nice and observe this! All microphones are in good working condition at this time. If you receive a microphone that is not working, you have five business days to notify us and return the same microphone (same serial number, same condition) for full credit - we stand by our word!

*Overseas orders may be held for up to 30 business days to protect us - and you - against credit card fraud.

Ship cost to be paid seperately; buyer has the choice of picking this item up at a Nashville location designated by us, or paying for packing and shipment via UPS. Shipping cost can be paid only through Paypal unless otherwise negotiated.

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