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Aftertones - CD (1976) Gold record! <br>Downloads available!

Aftertones - CD (1976) Gold record!
Downloads available!

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  1. Aftertones
  2. I Would Like To Dance
  3. Love Is Blind
  4. Roses
  5. Belle Of The Blues
  6. Goodbye To Morning
  7. Boy, I Really Tied One On
  8. This Must Be Wrong
  9. Don't Cry, Old Man
  10. Hymn
  11. Love Is Blind (Bonus Cut! Live!) 

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The basics: Produced by Brooks Arthur; recorded 1975 at various New York studios; released 1976 (Columbia); the album contains a duet with Phoebe Snow and Odetta. "Love Is Blind" was the #1 single on Japanese pop charts for six months (a record still unbroken); the album was the highest selling album by a solo female artist in Japanese history (a record still unbroken); it was also a top twenty & gold record in the United States, England, Ireland, and Holland.

Inside scoop: Janis was getting mighty tired, performing 5 nights a week with television and radio appearances in-between, and managing to write and record a new album every nine months. She didn't feel she had the material for this record, but was convinced otherwise by her manager & producer. Years later she discovered they didn't think she did, either, but were swayed by tremendous record company pressure to "make that quarter's bottom line". Things were further complicated because Brooks had closed 914 Studios, which Janis felt "was a great great studio. Held together with safety pins and masking tape, it had that indefinable thing money can't buy. That's why Bruce Springsteen and I did all our records there." However, she says now "I'm forever grateful that Phoebe and Odetta are on this record. 'Love Is Blind' turned into one of my favorite show songs, and 'Don't Cry Old Man' is one of the most beautiful arrangements ever."

Digitally re-mastered import version with updated album art.

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