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A 15 minute Phone Call With Janis

A 15 minute Phone Call With Janis


Yes, if you order this Pearl Foundation item, Janis will call whoever you choose and have a personal conversation with them. We've done these as graduation gifts, birthdays, anniversaries - even surprise parties. One-on-one, intimate and interesting. We set it up via e-mail, working toward a date and time of your choice. (With the understanding that it has to fit in Janis' schedule.) So far, Janis has sung "Happy birthday" to people, answered questions about her life and work, spoken with younger writers and performers (and sometimes their worried parents!), and just generally conversed about anything at all.
Really a once in a lifetime opportunity!!

*Call time and number to be set up via e-mail; to take place at a time of your choice but working around Janis' schedule. All calls must be booked within three months of purchase unless there are extenuating circumstances (eg a birthday 7 months from now), in which event please contact us to confirm! *Call time 15 minutes.

* Sorry we have to say it, but in these inappropriate days, here you go... We value Janis' privacy as well as yours. This call is private, and may not be posted in public places such as the Internet, or disseminated in any way, by any method, other than playing it "live" for your immediate family members and close friends. Please do not force us to attach legal documents to something this simple. Show respect for yourself, and for Janis - enjoy the fact that you and you alone are being treated to this rare event!
** Though you may record this call, you may NOT post it on line, distribute it (other than allowing family and friends to hear it) or otherwise use it for publicity and/or promotional purposes. The name "Janis Ian" is trademarked; use of this name without permission for financial gain is prohibited.

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