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Janis Ian Wearables & More - Hogan Made

Janis Ian Wearables & More - Hogan Made

From Janis: As many of you know, for years my merchandise sales have gone to the Pearl Foundation. Those funds have enabled us to endow overa million dollars for returning students at Berea College, Warren Wilson College, and Goddard College. Along with your generous support, we've helped close to 100 people achieve their dream!
Due to the current situation, I postponed all my engagements until summer/fall of next year (2021) in order to protect myself and my fans, including Living Room Concerts . With no shows at all, we'll be unable to provide the endowments with the kind of money we've been able to give these past decades. Remember, everything but the cost of tax preparation is donated or paid by my wife and myself out of personal funds, and as lean as we've run the Foundation, there's no staff or expense we can cut at this point.
The schools themselves are suffering financially as they try to figure out how to resume some semblance of activity. I firmly believe education is the answer to many of our problems, so in order to try and make up some of the shortfall, I’ve partnered with Hogan Made, a small Tampa-based business that’s offered to create T-shirts, masks, pillows, and whatever else we can come up with, using quotes from my songs and prose.
In turn, Hogan Made will be sending a full third of every cent you spend on these items directly to the Pearl Foundation (not including postage of course). So if you spend $24.00 on something, the Pearl Foundation will receive $8.00 - nothing is deducted from that percentage. Hogan Made are covering their material and labor costs, I'm making nothing - nobody's getting rich! Eight dollars may not sound like much, but multiplied by hundreds, it adds up – just as those one and two dollar donations you send in add up.

Janis Ian Wearables & More - Hogan Made

Meghan Hogan and I have been working on this for the past month, with more items to come. (Gracie Mae dreams of a dog coat, or at least a neckerchief....) Right now, we’re concentrating on just a few things with one quote we both feel is pertinent to the times: “Dialogue, not diatribe." 
Of course, my name’s on most of the products, so please don’t tell Pat that those hours I spent in front of the bathroom mirror were actually me modelling my shirts and masks, thinking “How fabulously cool am I?!” I’ve worn mine a lot, so I can promise they’re soft, colorful, and  haven’t faded or shrunk. As sloppily as I do laundry, that’s saying a lot.

To kick this off with a bang, for the month of August Hogan Made are giving away a free 3-ply custom face mask with every T-shirt order! You can purchase the items here plus others by clicking on any picture, or going to Hogan Made - Janis Ian Wearables & More. You can send feedback by visiting their Facebook page and Instagram account  - and know that you’re not only helping the Pearl Foundation. You’re also helping a small business get through these trying times. 
More to come, including (hopefully) Gracie Mae-approved apparel for dogs and cats!

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