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Custom LR Baggs Align Pedal Board Suite - Only 1 Available!

Custom LR Baggs Align Pedal Board Suite - Only 1 Available!


Crafted specifically for acoustic players, this set was created especially for the sale by Janis’ old friend, Lloyd Baggs (owner and genius inventor at LR Baggs.) Read more about these incredible pedals. * All 4 pedals can be signed by Janis if you like. 

Watch a great video on YouTube about these pedals.

If you’ve been to one of Janis’ live shows and were impressed with the guitar sound, she achieves it very simply – a Santa Cruz “Janis Ian model” guitar, a Baggs under-saddle pickup, and a Baggs preamp. 

Says Janis: I’ve known Lloyd since we were in our 20’s, hanging out in music stores and dreaming of success. He’s a brilliant inventor, with great ears and a fantastic attention to detail. The reverb on this set is absolutely the cleanest I’ve ever heard, by the way, and the rest of it accomplishes what no “acoustic” board has been able to do in my memory – give you a true acoustic sound, along with all the bells and whistles like XLR out and pads, that are normally too expensive and hefty to carry.

Set includes: 
Session pedal with saturation and compression
Acoustic preamplifier with 6-band EQ and anti-feedback notch filter
Reverb pedal specifically created for acoustic instruments
All-discreet active DI with XLRand ¼” outputs, pad, ground lift, phase inversion, mute footswitch, and 3 power options!
Cables for pedal to pedal
“Chaser” power cable set 
Pedal board (metal) with pre-fixed Velcro on board and each pedal.

Guitar Player Editor’s Pick!

* HUGE thanks to Lloyd and Nadine Baggs for this great item, as well as their stupendous generosity, kicking off our annual sale with a donation of $15K!!

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