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I'm Still Standing - Digital Download

I'm Still Standing - Digital Download

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I'M STILL STANDING (from Strictly Solo): Free MP3 download

See these lines on my face?
They’re a map of where I’ve been
And the deeper they are traced,
the deeper life has settled in
How do we survive living out our lives?

And I would not trade a line
Make it smooth and fine
or pretend that time stands still
I want to rest my soul
here where it can grow without fear
Another line, another year
I’m still standing here

See these marks on my skin?
They are the lyric of my life
Every story I begin
just means another end’s in sight
Only lovers understand
Skin just covers who I am


See these bruises, see these scars?
Hieroglyphs that tell the tale
You can read them in the dark
through your finger tips
like Braille


I’m still standing here
I’m still standing here

Written by Janis Ian

© Rude Girl Pub. All rights reserved; international copyright secured.

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