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*  About the "Better Times Project". On March 9, I was doing laundry when a  chorus started running around in my head. Two hours later, I sang the song into my phone (dog barking in the background), and put it on line. My fellow artists and I were busy re-scheduling all our 2020 shows.  Knowing the financial hardship this would impose, I asked a few to make "home-grown" versions and let me put them up, with leads to their social media. First was John Gorka; it worked so well that I asked a few others. Then a quarantined parent emailed that coloring books were sold out, so I started "coloring pages" with Sandra Boynton and Sue Coccia. My wheelchair-bound dancer friend Donna Russo sent a video, Frank Turner signed on, then Mary Black, and I'm slowly adding versions from ASL to Dutch and Japanese. It's become a wonderful illustration of the many ways one song can be done, and a reminder that you don't have to be a professional to make art. You just need heart. 
Every version on this page was done from "lockdown", with birds, dogs, children in the background. It doesn't matter. What matters is that we enjoy it, give voice to it, and remember that someday, better times will come. 
You can share anything on this page with friends and social media for personal use! Thanks, and stay safe. Janis

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If your computer tries to play these automatically when you click a link, try "Right click > Save as". Check here for available lyrics, and Sheet Music or Lyrics With Chords for same. If it's not anywhere, it hasn't been created yet. Thanks, enjoy!