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Free Music Downloads

Yes, free MP3s (as in "Free Beer"!) in the spirit of the landmark article, "The Internet Debacle." Go ahead, download, listen! We promise not to sue you.*

Yes, we know these are not super hi-fidelity MP3s...the idea is that you'll like these so much that you can't help but buy more music or make a donation to the Pearl Foundation.

If your computer wants to play these automatically when you click the download link, and you actually want to save them, try a "Right click > Save as" maneuver. That always works!

Don't forget we also have a bunch of free sheet music downloads.

*Disclaimer from our legal department. We don't exactly promise not to sue you, but you have to do something really bad, unrelated to downloading music from our web site, to get that sort of attention. Even then, we probably won't even bring up the whole "downloading" thing unless you really irritate us.