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Send a card with a hand-written message from Janis!

Send a card with a hand-written message from Janis!


BEFORE you check out, click on the big red "Add a note to your order" button and let us know the occasion, who it's for, any other information ("loves dogs" "friends since H.S." "only wears plastic"). If you pay with Paypal and put the information in your Paypal form we will not receive it, so please remember to do it in our notes section. Cards will be shipped to whatever you put in the "shipping address" area.

Janis will choose a card for the occasion you request, and write a big note to whoever you like! Please give her information about the recipient so she can build more personalized text. (Just look at "Bob" and his card, below - lots and lots of text!) 
These are not everyday cards, folks!! We're grateful to the people at Notes & Queries for granting the Pearl Foundation vendor status, allowing us to afford pop up cards and gold foil embossed cards from Jane Crowther of BugArt, UK, and to the Philosopher's Guild as well. Because of their assistance, we can offer better-than-average cards (even for children). 
One caveat. Janis cannot write out entire song lyrics for these - but if you want a few lines, please let her know which ones and she'll be glad to accomodate!

* We strongly suggest you order your card(s) separately from any other item; otherwise you may end up paying a much higher postage fee. For overseas customers, if the postal office tries to charge customs fees, tell them it's only a card! Thank you.

If this is for a special occasion, make sure to give us your own shipping address, so you can hold the card until you need it. And if you ordered a card and liked it, please give us a good review on this site! Thank you!!!

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