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Living Room Concert (Not a hologram - live and in person!)

Living Room Concert (Not a hologram - live and in person!)


Please Note: This amount may be negotiable, depending on time and place.

A private show for you and your friends in your own (or a friend's) living room, which you can record and videotape for your own use. Open-ended, free-form, a great chance to show off and an absolutely fabulous present. Start thinking about which songs you'll request!!

As Janis does less and less touring, availability for "LRC's" goes down. We'd suggest getting your bid in ASAP! 

* Please note: if you pay through this merchandise site rather than sending us a check, your credit card will be charged to Revenge Touring! Although we will send you a tax donation letter, we cannot promise that the IRS will believe you. Alternatively, you can email judy@janisian.com and arrange to pay by check directly to the Pearl Foundation. Please make sure to read the below information before doing anything!



Before ordering this item, make sure you read our  **LRC Conditions**

**100% of this goes to THE PEARL FOUNDATION**

The inside scoop: We know there have always been concerts in living rooms; Woody Guthrie and Pete Seeger did them for years, raising money for various causes and also funding their travels. However, the first artist we're aware of to turn this form into something consistent was Janis, who announced her first "LRC" back in 1998. Nowadays, an awful lot of singers do "house concerts", but Janis is the only artist we're aware of who only does these for charity. 

Says Janis: I love doing Living Room Concerts. I've done 36 of them so far, from Amsterdam and Sheffield to Seattle and Florida. The "venues" have ranged from a super-expensive 50 foot living room in Arizona to an eat-in kitchen in North Carolina, and the hosts and guests have always been marvelous. I've met some great people and been part of their birthdays, anniversaries, bucket lists as well. I feel very fortunate that I'm able to do these and raise funds for the Pearl Foundation while still enjoying myself!


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