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Lunch With Janis!!

Lunch With Janis!!


Sorry, not available at this time... if you really really want to think about this, send an email to merch@janisian.com with your request. 

Lunch with Janis (and possibly her tour manager) plus up to four more people of your choice. A terrific way to spend a couple of hours in a relaxed atmosphere with Janis, who’ll be open to your questions, happy to share details of her life and work, and glad to pose for photos so long as her mouth isn’t full of food at the time. Best of all, you get to pay for lunch, which means we’ll work with you to find a quiet, reasonably-priced restaurant that will suit everyone’s taste. This is a casual lunch, no fancy dress required! (We'll be lucky if Janis doesn't come in board shorts and a T-shirt....)

Since her decision to tour less, lunches are pretty much limited to portions of Florida, or in-between tour engagements when she’s travelling in another area. We suggest you check the tour schedule first, then email us at judy@janisian.com to arrange!

**100% of this goes to The Pearl Foundation , an IRS-approved 501(c)(3) public charitable organization. A portion of your donation may be tax deductible under the limits of the law; we encourage you to consult with your own tax professional regarding this as we are not tax advisors and have no wish to be regarded as such!


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