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A Two Hour Lunch With Janis

A Two Hour Lunch With Janis


Lunch with Janis for up to five people (plus Janis and her assistant), either in her home town of Nashville, or travelling near your home if feasible (and only if feasible, see note below). Best of all, you pay for lunch!

If it takes place in Nashville, we'll suggest a quiet area restaurant (and if you like Japanese food, "quiet" is a little easier than a steakhouse!) Janis will be completely open to your questions, happy to share details of her life, and glad to suggest things for you to do if you want to see "the real Nashville". Her last luncheon "dates" were able to get into the Bluebird Café, courtesy of a spur-of-the-minute phone call from Janis, on a no-reserve night. Things like that are rare, though, so we hope you're not counting on her to be your travel agent!! Still, we're told Janis is quite charming when she wants to be....

100% of this item goes to the Pearl Foundation.

* NOTE: Due to Janis' current travel schedule, lunch locations are limited almost exclusively Nashville and areas of Florida. If in doubt, email us at jjudy@janisian.com!

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