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Janis Ian - Hunger

Hunger - CD (1997)



  1. Black & White
  2. On The Dark Side Of Town
  3. Might As Well Be Monday
  4. Getting Over You
  5. Searching For America
  6. Hunger
  7. Welcome To Acousticville
  8. Honor Them All
  9. Empty
  10. House Without A Heart
  11. Shadow
  12. Getting Over You (with strings)

The basics: Produced by Janis Ian & Jeff Balding; "Searching For America" produced by Ani Difranco. Recorded spring 1997 Bearsville, NY, Austin, TX, and various Nashville studios; original release September 1997 (Windham Hill). "Honor Them All" went top 10 on the Gavin chart; "Getting Over You" top 5, and top 30 on the R&R chart. "Honor Them All" is also the title track for the MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) album release, and benefits MADD.

Inside scoop: Windham Hill and Janis seemed to be a marriage made in heaven; they asked her to record, gave her a budget, and left her alone. Janis chose a producer whose work she admired greatly, and "the first 5 days of recording, while the band were present, went great. After that it degenerated into the worst recording experience of my life - and after 32 years, that's a mouthful!" The producer wouldn't even address Janis by name, referring to her through third parties as "Your little friend" and insisting she leave the studio during "his" editing and mixing. When the record company refused to accept the master as technically satisfactory, he demanded his name be removed from the credits, which Janis gladly obliged. She brought in Jeff Balding to rescue the project; they only had five days, so she re-recorded seven lead vocals and twelve guitar tracks in two days while Jeff was mixing in another studio. Still, Hunger got a rave review in Rolling Stone, and wonderful critical notice from the press. Ani Difranco was, and remains, one of Janis' heroes. Shadow, Might As Well Be Monday, and Hunger were all written in Janis' dormitory room at Bearsville Studio, "where I took three days off before everyone arrived and sat by the creek, thinking and singing. Shadow just fell out of me, the night before we began recording. Hunger I'd started a year earlier, but hadn't been able to get further than the first verse - I asked them to bring me a Bible, started leafing through Psalms, and found the second verse. It's a perfect writing environment up there."

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