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Audio-Society's Child: My Autobiography <br><font color="red">2013 Grammy & Audie winner!</font><br>
Audio-Society's Child: My Autobiography
2013 Grammy & Audie winner!
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Janis narrated and sung her way through her autobiography, and has been awarded both a GRAMMY and an AUDIE for it!

In honor of her GRAMMY and AUDIE awards, are offering a free 17 minute sample of the book! Look under the cover photo and press "Sample."

"Her mesmerizing memoir transports us back in time with both words and music. Each chapter begins with an evocative lyric, and in this audio, read and sung by Ian, listeners are thrust into the moment."
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A 12 hour/10 CD package, available NOW!

Noted director Stefan Rudnicki worked with Janis on the version of her autobiography, Society's Child - My Autobiography. . In the works for more than three years, Stefan liked Janis as a reader so much that he's already used her for several other projects, including Le Var Burton's "Reading Rainbow" and short story collections by Lewis Shiner."

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"I was born into the crack that split America.

"On one side of the chasm was the America my parents lived in. There, the country was still congratulating itself on winning the war after the War to End All Wars. Men wore suits and ties to work, or laborer’s uniforms. Women wore stiletto heels, and kept themselves pure for marriage. Females did the housework, males did the heavy lifting. Blacks knew their place, whites knew theirs, and there wasn’t much room between.

"On the other side of the crack was the America I grew up in, bounded by anarchy and a passion for truth. In that America, all wars were meaningless, born out of governmental greed and disregard. Vietnam was just the latest in a series of events to help the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. People on my side of the crack ....."

Excerpt from "Society's Child - My Autobiography" by Janis Ian - Read More

The story of a lifetime...Janis Ian's long awaited autobiography spans over a half century or music and change. From her earliest shows of protest in the sixties to today, Society's Child tells a tale of love, of loneliness, of music and hope. It's a must read. for any fan, and a really good read for the rest.


"At 15 she was already breaking all the rules. In an era-the mid-1960s-when people of her parents' generation didn't speak about "ugly things" like interracial romance, prostitution, and war, Janis Ian was opening her big mouth and getting hounded offstage for singing her taboo-busting lyrics.
Society's Child (Tarcher/Penguin) is the hugely readable autobiography of an artist who has lived through success and crushing hardship but knows that ‘you can't sing and cry at the same time.’ Sing on!" — O Magazine  ™

“Fans will love the book, of course, but many nonfans, too, should find this painfully candid memoir hard to put down.” — Booklist, starred review

"Ian is a natural prose stylist with a real knack for pacing and the telling detail. What might have been a dreary catalog of woe is instead a juicily entertaining look at an unusual life in show business." — Kirkus Reviews  

"Fans will appreciate the candor with which Ian discusses these hardships and her gradual path to happiness…" — Publishers Weekly